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Concert speaker systems by Dynacord, including COBRA 4, COBRA 2, Madras self-powered M15/M18, D-lite 2000 satellite system

Electrovoice systems including ZX5, ZX3, ZX1, Sxa360 self powered, Px1122, 1152 and Delta 1122 flying systems

EV 1191 subs, Mongoose EVX and EVO3 full-range 2000w, Xw12 and T221M monitors.........and much more

100v line distributed horn systems for outdoor events

Amplification by EV and Dynacord

Mixing consoles by Midas (Verona 400/8, Siena Monitor 400/16), Yamaha (M7CL-48, LS9-32, LS9-16), Mackie 40/8, 24/4, 16/4

Dante Rio 23ch & 16ch digital Multicore systems, and Audinate Dante Cards for Yamaha

Dynacord Powermate 600 & 1000 powered mixers

Electrovoice REV,  RE1,  RE2, and Shure wireless mic systems, and Sennheiser In-Ear Monitor systems

Telex BTR800 wireless intercom systems

A wide selection of wired microphones.


Studio Due Citycolour 2500 and 1800, LED Building Wash 800 & ArchiLED 300, Griven Kaleido 575, CP575, 400 & 150 Colourchangers,, Multipar HO 600w, Par 64 & 56, Profiles, Fresnels, Mac 250 Wash, Entour, LED strips and Honeycombs, Parbars, Dance effects etc, Hog and Vista conrtrollers


Projectors, Sanyo 6500al, 4500al, 3000al, 2200al

Flying brackets, lens choices

Screens 12 x 9, 10 x 7.5, 8 x 6 fastfold front or rear project, screen surounds, pullup screens etc

47” LCD screens (with multiple display option)

Laptops, vision switchers and scalers

STAGINGGlobal truss-framed aluminium stage in various heights, with black velvet skirts to suit

We can cover the stage with white plastic ‘shoekid’ for fashion shows and functions, with white skirts to match.

Towerlift winch stands of 200kg rating, for speaker and lighting towers, truss, stand

ard winchups, baseplates, webbing and wire rope slings,

Shotbags, Cable trays, Drapes,